Saito, runs blockchain apps in your browser

Saito is the open network layer for Web3. A platform, that lets users run blockchain applications in their browsers without: closed plugins, private APIs or non-open infrastructure. Saito funds nodes that provide routing infrastructure for its own network and other public blockchains. Saito solves the problems that cripple layer one blockchains — incentivizing data provision, […]

How Blockchain works? Part3

Part 3 In the past parts we learned how the chain is made of decentralized blocks and what the block forming parts are. But what if we want to start a new token and added to the chain, how can we test our product before launch? Simple, every blockchain have two of what is called […]

What is Gas fees and what is its working concept?

Gas fees is a term that refers to the transaction fees associated with any transaction made on any blockchain. It can be considered as the fees paid to the banks when you transfer money from one account to another. Unlike the banking transaction fees, Gas fees are not fixed, they are affected by the congestion […]

USDT Vs Busd, which dollar should you use in the crypto world?

As the volatility in the crypto market increased, several tokens were made to act as a stable point in the crypto world, acting as a stable token,i.e, their prices are non changable. Some of the stable tokens are the USDT and the Busd, which are tokens that each coin of them is equivalent to one United […]

Saito reduces the blockchain technical hassles thus helping with scalability.

The problem with blockchain scaling is not at the network technology layer. At the time of writing this article, data centers around the world are implementing 400 Gbps network switches, while 100 Gbps connections are becoming standard even in lower-tier colocation facilities. If we had the resources to pay for the necessary equipment, there will […]

Protect Virtual Game Assets from hacking threats with the help of AlephZero

Paid extensions and rare items often give a serious advantage to the players who obtain them and can have significant financial value. A theft of such items by hackers lowers the positive gaming experience, reducing trust with in-game purchases. To prevent such situations, a tokenization system could be created on the basis of the Aleph […]

Cypher Capital Launches $100 Million Blockchain Fund

The UAE-based fund is focused on crypto, blockchain and digital-asset projects, with a special interest in projects in the DeFi, GameFi and the Metaverse space. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – March 23rd, 2022: Cypher Capital, a venture capital firm based in the UAE, announced today the launch of one of the region’s biggest seed funds. […]

Democratizing Dcommerce via Boson, for real world Nft-ed assets

Boson is a web3 marketplace on the Etherchain. A web3 Dcommerce protocol for commerce data that requires an equitable, capture resistant, public infrastructure. This allows transactions via delocalized manner with minimal arbitration & cost.  A core technology for an Auto-redemption of digitalized value for real world products & services via authenticated layer2 NFT encoded game […]

Verifying Ad Claims on the Polkadot’s built protocol Fractal.

In order to verify ad claims upon the protocol, verifiers attests whether Users’ Ad Claims are truthful. This verification relies on signals that aren’t present on-chain, therefore, the Protocol is agnostic to the criteria used by Verifiers to decide whether or not to attest Ad Claims. To confirm that an Ad Claim’s legitimacy, the Verifier […]