Casper, a 19000% more energy efficient chain in-comparison with Bitcoin!

Crypto mining energy consumption became a top priority topic taking inconsideration the economical effects that its impact have caused leading to the current apocalypse in the cryptocurrencies market. A hope comes in sight from a team of cryptoneers headed by Standford’s Mrinal Manohar.

Regardless of the Bitcoin’s ‘proof of work’ consensus protocol, “Casper” is a multiparallel chain that is built on a Proof of Stake protocol, which is vastly energy efficient in comparison to the Bitcoin’s proof of work consensus. An efficiency, that showed a massive divergence within the Tw consumption of the protocol to be 190,000% cost shrinker to the Bitcoins consumption expenses.

The issuance of new tokens & distribution to the networks validators incentivizes work even under low transaction load. CSPR tokens are issued at a fixed rate while being distributed to validators and delegators indirectly, proportionally to their stake. 

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