Casper, reshaping the blockchain chains!

Casper Labs are changing the Blockchain and are reintroducing it in a way we never saw before, Casper is aiming to give a new format for the way blockchains are built in an aim for a more beneficial and efficient ecosystem for the crypto world.

Data that comes from Dapps reaches the block via the Node interface, where it experiments a deploy buffer, the deploy buffer itself is considered a holding area for incoming transactions. Casper blocks will have a multiple parallel deploy buffers at the same moment.

Casper block chain will be composed of multiple chains that will be parallel to each other. If a block within one chain receives a message that is undestined to its chart, it will route it around to other chains.

Anyone can build their Dapps and Scalable contracts on Casper benefiting of their Solid chain structure. Also, Casper has more TPS compared to other chains like for instance the Ethereum chain, which shall open the room for a reduced gas fees for transactors over the chain.

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