Empowering the Future of Trading: Our Investment in Sei Network

Exciting times are ahead as Sei Network’s mainnet goes live tomorrow. We, at Cypher Capital, are thrilled to share the reasons behind our investment in Sei and our anticipation for this significant milestone. The journey that Sei has embarked upon holds immense promise, and we’re here to shed light on why we believe in its […]

The TON Accelerator Program

The TON Accelerator Program has announced as of the 22nd of May 2023 that it will allocate up to $25 million this year to projects that have the potential to make a significant impact on the expanding TON Ecosystem. The capital will be provided by TONcoin.Fund, a $250 million TON-based fund dedicated to supporting founders, […]

Regulation is key to crypto’s reputation and adoption: Dubai can lead the way

Dubai is leapfrogging competitors in its forward-facing regulatory framework The reputation of the crypto ecosystem is inextricably tied to institutional regulation and Dubai seems to be leapfrogging through progressive policies to protect investors and incentives for entrepreneurs. Crypto has been on a rollercoaster ride over the last decade, with the value of coins and tokens […]

Cypher Capital invests in Wallchain

Cypher Capital, a Dubai-based multi strategy venture capital firm announced the completion of a six-figure investment into Wallchain, a solution for businesses in the short term and individuals in the longer term that provides protection against unfair practices used by miners to extract value and capture arbitrage profits generated from DeFi transactions. The investment will […]

Cypher Capital Invests In Iomob To Support A Blockchain Development Powering “The Internet Of Mobility”

Dubai, UAE – May 30, 2022 Cypher Capital, a blockchain-focused venture capital firm based in the UAE, today announced that it has invested in Iomob, a blockchain company pioneering the development of a decentralized protocol for the world’s first mobility marketplace network and token. The investment will be used to bolster the development of Iomob’s blockchain architecture. Iomob’s application and world-class “Journey […]

Cypher Capital Allocates $5 Million To Invest In Ocean Protocol Ecosystem Projects

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) May 23, 2022: Cypher Capital, a venture capital firm located in the UAE, today announced that it has set up an ecosystem fund together with Ocean Protocol according to which it will be allocating $5 million to invest in Ocean Protocol projects. Ocean Protocol is a platform for data exchange and […]

Cypher Capital Invests in Blockchain GameFi Platform, Cross The Ages

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) – April 28, 2022: Cypher Capital, a venture capital firm located in the UAE, today announced that it has invested in blockchain GameFi entity, “Cross The Ages (or CTA)”, an immersive metaverse gaming platform utilizing NFTs and tokenomics. Built on the Polygon platform, Singapore-based Cross The Ages received investments of $12 […]

Fractal. Empowering user’s data privacy and advertisers advocacy.

Fractal is an open source zero-margin protocol, that defines a basic standard to exchange user information, in a fair and open way, ensuring a high-quality version of the free internet. The current Ad Market dynamics result in users’ lacking control over their data, the sedimentation of a duopolistic and therefore inefficient market and rampant levels […]

How AlephZero can smooth the supply chain management?

Supply chain management is extremely complex. The process of creating and distributing goods involves payments, invoices, multiple entities responsible for providing services, and thousands of computational decisions across multiple international locations, and it can cost significant capital and time to be custom tailored. Aleph can solve many problems within supply chains. For example, a currency […]