From account recovery to purchasing crypto, Torus wallet covers it all

By abstracting the management of private keys away from the end user, Torus allow users to start making use of blockchain applications using familiar authentication methods like Google or Facebook login. Torus goal is to allow any digital identity to be a valid cross-platform identifier, allowing users to bring their digital identities with them to any application on the Internet.

The architecture consists of four parts:‌

  • Nodes in charge of Distributed Key Generation (DKG)
  • A smart contract in charge of the management of nodes
  • A private BFT network between nodes
  • A front-end client/SDK that interacts with nodes

  • Account Recovery
  • Purchasing Cryptocurrency
  • ERC 721
  • Private Key Export
  • Language Support
  • Account Resolver
  • Themes
  • PWA
  • White-labeling

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