Kilt is attesting & verifying data, giving digital certificates for authentic data!

KILT is a simple protocol for creating, claiming, issuing, presenting and verifying digital credentials. In contrast to peer-to-peer solutions for this, KILT features self-sovereign data as well as revocable credentials using blockchain technology.

KILT was built to be a business enabler, not only for the software industry, but also for any entity, which has or wishes to establish a business model based on trust

Kilt uses a technological system in which any user can claim a specific piece of data(for example: Rony have a truck driving license). An attester investigates this data and if it is really owned by a claimer, whenever it checks out, a verifier verifies it and issues the claimer a digital certificate of ownership of the data he is claiming. This certificate is saved on the Kilt blockchain, but it is reversible, meaning it can be removed from the blockchain if the data becomes no more valid.

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