Markets diving? Here is how to make some crypto gains during this tough time!

Taking in consideration the current roller coaster of crypto markets that has been fluctuating up and down, and now is in a downside dive, investing in crypto has been driven by a rate of as low as 23 on the Fear & Greed index. This, lead to a ton of dumping and blood all over the charts.

So taking this inconsideration it doesn’t seem that trading is a profitable path in the current times, so what else can be?

Answer is mining, mining can be a profitable project in the current upside down times. The mining process have two factors that alternates each other in an inversely proportional manner, they are the difficulty and the number of active miners. Looking to the current situation where China and Iran had suddenly banned the cryptomining, several facilities are dismantling their miners setup and hauling the mining process. Despite how sad it is, but this means that more gains will come to other miners in different countries. 

As several mining machines will turn off during these days in China and Iran, this will mean that the difficulty of hashing and mining coins will decrease. This as a result means that the crypto gains can be higher in yield in terms of the amount of coins you can mine. Even if the current crypto coins (Btc, Eth, e.t.c) prices are low in the current phase, once the price regains its growth then you will be able to figure the huge difference that the extra gained coins made to your wallet balance.

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