Saito reduces the blockchain technical hassles thus helping with scalability.

The problem with blockchain scaling is not at the network technology layer. At the time of writing this article, data centers around the world are implementing 400 Gbps network switches, while 100 Gbps connections are becoming standard even in lower-tier colocation facilities.

If we had the resources to pay for the necessary equipment, there will be nothing technically stopping us from building a blockchain that is as decentralized and open as the public Internet backbone

Saito solves blockchain creep by allowing the nodes in the network to delete the oldest blocks in the ledger at predictable intervals (”epochs”).Epoch length is specified in the consensus code.

In any blockchain, if node is removed, its data will be unavailable till it comes back to the internet. With saito, the platform automatically deletes old blocks from the chain in an arranged way to keep recent ones only, thus improving the chain efficiency.

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