Unido, a wallet with enterprises in mind!

Unido enables enterprises to seamlessly manage their crypto assets by providing an enterprise grade platform with a suite of DeFi and crypto banking management tools.>

So what is the challenge Unido is solving?

Cryptocurrencies have seen significant adoption from retail participants, but enterprises have fallen behind due to:

● Security: Lack of secure gateways to invest into DeFi

● Compliance: No compliant crypto-banking services

● User Experience: Limited intuitive interfaces for enterprise

Unido has existing technology with strong economics and is designed to remove the barrier to entry for enterprises to access DeFi and crypto banking while providing them with familiar tools for managing their assets.

Introducing the Unido Enterprise Platform — Unido EP

Enabling enterprises to manage and invest their crypto assets in a secure and intuitive way

▪ An intuitive, central dashboard providing access to a suite of DeFi and crypto banking management tools

▪ Clients: Centralized Finance (CeFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Enterprises, Neo Banks, Asset Managers and Custodial Services managing and transacting cryptocurrency

▪ Unido EP platform for banks and custodial services is developed and deployed with neo banks under our pilot program

*Crypto Banking. Business banking portal enabling enterprises to seamlessly manage their day to day operations and capital expenditure=

▪ Payment and transfer of digital assets — for payroll, suppliers, etc

▪ Multi-user wallet management — create, assign and manage enterprise wallets

▪ User Governance tools providing custom access rights, transfer requirements, etc.

▪ Analytics and Reporting of financial transaction activity, trends and more

▪ Intuitive and simple to use interface ▪ Interoperable, modular architecture

How unido core works

Signing a blockchain transaction requires the entire private key for the account Unido Core’s proprietary and patent pending algorithm divides the key into portions and stores these securely amongst members of the wallet.

This distribution vastly reduces the chances of the key being lost or stolen, and provides a mechanism for multiple members, varying levels of access and usage rights — delivering the required governance and enterprise security that organisations require to adopt blockchain technology.

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