USDT Vs Busd, which dollar should you use in the crypto world?

As the volatility in the crypto market increased, several tokens were made to act as a stable point in the crypto world, acting as a stable token,i.e, their prices are non changable. Some of the stable tokens are the USDT and the Busd, which are tokens that each coin of them is equivalent to one United States dollar, but the question that they rise is: which one should you use?

“Busd” is a crypto dollar made by the Binance exchange, this means its future is totally pegged to the exhange future performance, so if Binance closed, this token is no more valuable.

A USDT on the other hand is a separate token made by the Tether project, it is not owned by any exchanges and has a higher marketcap than the equivalent  Busd. And with a higher user base, USDT is certainly the token to use.

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