Why Casper gas fees can defeat that of Ethereum?

A reformed blockchain for a better efficiency

TPS (transactions per second) refers to the number of transactions that is done by a database per second.

Ethereum the transaction processing rate is 15–20 TPS for public blockchain, which is quite slow as compared to visa transaction handling i.e. 193 TPS (on an average) Slow transaction processing is the major reason why Ethereum is not scalable. In Ethereum blockchain, the chain have limited amount of transactions occurring per block, so when demand on transactions to be done increases, the exchange systems can suggest a higher gas fee to users so that they an bid and get an earlier spot in a current block to perform a transaction successfully, rather than waiting for a spot in a different block which may take longer time to confirm the transaction.

While Casper on the other hand works on reforming the blockchain from the regular design we are used to, thus, a better performing chain can be achieved. With a multiple parallel chains acting on the platform rather than the traditional continuous chain, a Tps of faster rate is aimed from the Casper new blockchain format, and this means a lower gas fees per transactions.

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